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Beat is by DropxLife ~


what do you deserve? nothing!
a warm place to burn? nothing!
some kind of heaven that you earned? nothing!
maybe just some bread and a place to lay your head? no nothing!
running water and a fridge? and an oven?
or a cage and a jailer and a penance? nothing!
no reward nor a punishment, not from God or the Government,
none of it, absolutely nothing!
what do you deserve, little ego unprepared?
is it health care? welfare? electric chair? nothing.
money in the bank or some fuel in the tank? nothing.
nothing, nothing.
let me tell you something you don’t deserve to know,
your needs are just assumptions based on almost nothing!
i know what you want! to get back in mummy’s oven!
nestled in the walls of love and warmth and safety and fuzzy nothing,

I’ll tell you what you want: to fall asleep and not be scared
to have your father’s fingers running through your hair
while you close your eyes and stare
into a fuzzy screen that doesn’t care
where you work or what you wear
and if you’re fiscally prepared for something.
do you deserve a banquet or a dungeon?
you deserve nothing, a portal into nothing,
abandon all your wants and give your heart away to love,
cause love imbues the very essence of mental nothing,
i kill a beast so I can eat and both of us are loving.
I’m the beast that God will eat, welcome home to nothing!
immolation is a sacrifice you never knew you wanted
cause you didn’t understand a world that’s fully haunted,
You wear the mask and wear it proud cause underneath it’s nothing,
if you took it off you would understand nothing!
Let the nothing lead you pitter patter into senselessness
where you’ll be more and more sensitive with less and less to sense.
in the cosmic depth the love you feel is dense,
intensely embedded in the forever tense. forever.
you don’t have to shit or eat or cleanse or make amends,
you’re engulphed by an immense love equivocal to rest,
your words are heard by everyone that lives inside of you
so speak kindly when you do cause you don’t wanna waste a breath,
close your eyes and exit from the world that isn’t true.
put your palm on nothing’s breast, enter life inside of death.


from A VIPER IN THE MIND, released October 2, 2012
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Mitch Holtby ~
OLD UGLY Recording Co. 2012




Help Edmonton, Alberta

experiment: schizophrenic philosopher in his final hours tries to reconcile the phenomenon of a detachable ego with his elaborate epistemology.

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