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Beat is by Shigeto ~


i’m so money, you know... money, yall are nobody
without the dough from me, no bread, no yummy,
begging for the bread, nose runny, clothes dutty,
nobody knows money, i should know, i’m money,
you don’t love me, you go hungry, y’bones dusty, old ugly,
OLD UGLY, i don’t care if you don’t study, so long as you grow tubby
tryna get the dough from me ...big dummy,
ask dougy, ask tubby, ask bernard shaw or major barb,
you gotta be an undershaft or else you get the undershaft,
I AM power, you understand? suffering suckotash!
get the fuck up out my bubble bath, MONEY
you gotta sleep with uncle sam, MONEY
either you grope his supple ass or drag your knuckles man,
de-evolve i’m so money, bleed it yall,
i’m selected for,
i’m in your wallet like a pain in the ass
that slowly fucks up your back
but i’m the one yr asking seconds for,
i’m the weapon and the war, either or,
dolla bill carnivoire,
the whole earth is my dolla store
cause my holographic strip is a hollow point tip
anointed and crown appointed, the earth is on fire and i’m the only ointment!
the cheque will not be voided, destruction unavoided, flush goes the toilet,
i’m worth everything you make me worth,
and that’s clearly heaven hell and earth, all within the purse,
in all the universe i am first.
if this is adam’s curse then everyone’s immersed,
you all rehearse for the hearse from the day of your birth
cause if you hunger or thirst you gotta go through the purse.


from A VIPER IN THE MIND, released October 2, 2012
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Mitch Holtby ~
OLD UGLY Recording Co. 2012




Help Edmonton, Alberta

experiment: schizophrenic philosopher in his final hours tries to reconcile the phenomenon of a detachable ego with his elaborate epistemology.

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