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Beat is by Blue Sky Black Death & Raised By Wolves, originally used by Nacho Picasso for a song called Numbnuts ~ nachopicasso.bandcamp.com



guess what: none of you are going home,
you’re already stuck in your chromosomes,
born to be so alone, turn off your mobile phones.
lock the doors, take the bats out the fire alarms,
stop your maw, lock your jaw, talk is dead, stop your talk,
god is dead, pop one off, i’m on one, i am one,
Parmenides has entered me, i’m no enemy of entropy, i am of no identity,
i’m not throwing stones, i’m so alone, i know i’m prone to grow unknown
and board the boat alone to float away from flesh and bone.
so shut your mouth. your phone is off, your car is off, your soul is off,
you live for God and all for naught, do as you ought and I’ll call him off,
he’s coming and he’s hungry, all is lost, holy ghost holocaust,

you’re all gonna die
it’s gonna hurt
you will be gone
your flesh inert
you aren’t immortal,
your kids will die
it’s gonna hurt
you’re still inert

put on Gyges' ring, see if the nymphs will sing,
i guarantee they won’t, no one will talk to you.
society is on to you, you disappear
and no one will be calling you, you listen here,
you refuse to associate than you’ll be thrown away,
you sew and reap and earn and spend until yr overweight,
or else you won’t eat or drink or copulate,
wipe the smirk off your poker face and get to work.
the tv aint gon watch itself, the cry for help is of no alert,
go to sleep go to work, go to sleep go to work,
buy a house, cry for help, no one comes, no one’s hurt,
here’s a mirror, talk to it,
a furtive word will curb your nerves so you can go to sleep than go to work,
go to sleep, go to work,
fall asleep return to dirt.
let the worm’s squirm, or else get in the urn,
nothing gained if nothing learned,
happiness feigned is hope deferred

we’re all gonna die
it’s gonna hurt
we will be gone
our flesh inert
we aren’t immortal,
our kids will die
it’s gonna hurt
we’re still inert

unlock the door, you can go and be adorable
i am not your oracle, i am not your door,
i do not believe in you, the fact that i am seeing you
is only cause i’ve been in you and you are my projections.
welcome to my universe. i know you all are caskets,
i’m trying to talk to me and all of you are holographic,
tell me if you’re hearing me, or is this another conspiracy
imposed by the doctors and their tyranny. no they don’t exist,
who’s flesh and bone is this, is this really me?
are we the one who’s killing me? who’s blood is this
in my capillaries? open them and let me bleed!
let my spirit leak from the filigree
veins that are filling me with pain and hostility!
no, i’m not of you
but you’re all of me.
now prepare to die,
this is equality.

you’re all gonna die
it’s gonna hurt

you aren’t immortal,
your kids will die
it’s gonna hurt
you’re still inert.
you’re all gonna die
it’s gonna hurt
I will be gone
My flesh inert
I’m not immortal,
I will die
it’s gonna hurt
I’m still inert


from A VIPER IN THE MIND, track released January 18, 2012
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Mitch Holtby ~ mitchmatic.bandcamp.com
OLD UGLY Recording Co. 2012



all rights reserved


Help Edmonton, Alberta

experiment: schizophrenic philosopher in his final hours tries to reconcile the phenomenon of a detachable ego with his elaborate epistemology.

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